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The Growth of Data Centres in Australia

A recent article on data sydney science in Australia has highlighted the growth of data centres across Sydney. The project grew to include a series of videos which showcase the use of data science in many fields. With funding from the Strategic Educational Innovation Grant, the videos were filmed over two weeks in July 2018.

Data Sydney

Data centre occupied by Optus

A data centre occupying 549 Harris Street in Ultimo, Sydney, is up for sale. The current lease with Optus expires in 2024, and a new lease is expected to be signed at that time. The property has ample space, including a 1,350 square metre site with natural light. It’s located in a prime location that attracts tenants with the best business rates.

NextDC S2

The S2 facility in Macquarie Park, located 13km north west of the Sydney CBD, is the company’s ninth facility in Australia. It will initially have a capacity of 16MW and will scale to 30MW. Designed with high-density compute in mind, it offers the highest degree of business resilience. The facility will also feature a 100% uptime service guarantee and is equipped with the latest data centre technology.


The Equinix company has announced plans to open the first xScale data center in Australia. Located in Sydney, the centre is called SY9x and currently offers 14 megawatts of power. Once built out, it will provide 28 megawatts of power. The centre was originally scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2022, but was delayed after the global pandemic struck the country. Now that the pandemic has been contained, the project can move forward with its construction.


Located in the heart of Sydney, the new 110MW AirTrunk data centre is a state-of-the-art hub for cloud computing and infrastructure. The facility was built to the same strict standards as the world’s largest public cloud providers, and is supported by industry-leading certifications and 100 per cent reliability. It also uses the latest technologies and practices to ensure maximum uptime, data security, and customer satisfaction.


In the newsletter of CSIRO Data Sydney, a new capability was announced for saving data on-line. Users could save up to five terabytes of data at a time, and could issue explicit requests for the data to be retrieved. Users were charged $108 per hour for compute and $7.50 per terabyte per day for retrieval. CSIRO has continued to develop the Document System, with enhancements including automatic retrieval from tape and user-specified retention periods.

Digital Realty

The recent announcement that Digital Realty has acquired two land parcels in togel sydney will see the development of data centers spanning 16.2 hectares and providing 250 megawatts of critical IT capacity. The companies’ investment is expected to create hundreds of jobs while the facilities are under construction. The companies expect the new facilities to be fully operational by 2022. Digital Realty will also develop a new data center in Seoul. Both of these projects will boost the company’s Australian portfolio to more than $1 billion.

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